Tuesday, February 23, 2010


See what's new this week!
Below is a white lightweight jacket from
Renuar. Perfect for Spring to throw when
the weather is cool!
Also from Renuar is a tie jacket with a ruffled
lapel in yellow.
This is the same jacket...the professional photo
above is slightly better!!!
Yellow seem to be a theme......cute, cute dress
from Suzi Chin. A well made dress that is lined!!
perfect for weddings, Flying High, luncheons
rrehearsal dinners, etc.

Another Suzi Chin dress. A knit with the
button detailing.....what an easy dress to wear!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As I am writing this, the sun has finally decided
to show it's face! This snow has been beautiful and
it looked sooo pretty as it clung to the
trees, but I believe I am ready for
sunny days and warmer weather.
Rogate's is starting to look more like Spring
whether it is here or not. Below are some
pictures of a few new pieces from Tribal and 2 Star Dog.
Believe it or not, we have sold some new Spring
Fashions. As you know we are not hard core
sales people, but if you see something you really have to
have, you may want to go ahead and purchase
it. Alot of the manufacturers are not cutting extras
for reorders, so usually what you see is all
that we can get. Occasionally, we can special order.

Winter Fashions are still 50% off!!!

Cute little jacket from Tribal over a sequin tank
Abstract cotton tunic from 2 Star Dog in
navy, white, green apple & lagoon blue

Crinkle skirt from Tribal with an embellished tank

Same pink jacket shown differently

Tribal Dress....sold one out of the box..that's fun!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Tribal Sportswear

Here's what is new from Tribal. The pictures could be better
but I did the best I could! Come in and take a look. Just opened
another box from Tribal today and I sold a dress out of the box! Yippee!
Don't forget about the 50% fall & winter fashions...it's still going on!